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Saving the day when sewer and drain problems strike

Saving the day when sewer and drain problems strike.
The first choice for fixing clogged drains in Erie PA and other plumbing problems.

Here are just a few reasons why:

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Saving You Money

We are experts at fixing sewer and drain problems. It’s not a secondary service of a plumber in Erie PA: it’s all we do.

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Fast Plumbing Service

Plumbing problems are always inconvenient. We respond quickly and work efficiently to get you going again fast.

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Friendly Professional Staff

We train for both technical expertise and customer service to provide a total experience that will exceed your expectations.

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Industrial Strength Equipment

From industrial power snakes to high-pressure water jetting, we have the professional equipment to tackle the toughest job.

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Quality Service

Our technicians use experience, training, and professional expertise to handle your clogged drain in Erie PA problems quickly and efficiently.

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Satisfied Customers

Our expert plumbing contractors provide fast and affordable drain cleaning in Erie PA. Check out our online reviews!

Fixing Sewer Problems and Clogged Drains in Erie PA

Whether your plumbing problem is your toilet, sink, dishwasher, bathtub, washing machine, shower or floor drain, Savings is ready to help.
24 Hours Plumbers Erie PA

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Erie Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Saving the day, saving you money!

We are experts at fixing drain and sewer problems. It’s not a secondary service of a plumber: it’s all we do. We do it so well that we save you a significant amount of money. Plumbing problems are always inconvenient. We respond quickly and work efficiently to get you going again fast.

Clogged Drains and Plumbing Problems

Slow dain or clogs in your bathroom got you down? We fix it fast

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If you’ve already tried plunging (or don’t care to try), and the toilet is still clogged or only goes slowly, it’s time to get Savings in for a service call. We get you going again quickly.

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Bathroom sink clogged or drains slowly? We remove the hair and build-up of soap and shaving products that are clogging your drain. Dropped something down there? We can remove that, too.

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Hair and build-up from shampoos, soap, and conditioner can cause your tub or shower drain to slow and stop. Harsh chemicals are a temporary fix and can cause additional plumbing problems. Time to call a professional: Savings Sewer & Drain.

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Kitchen and Laundry Drain Clogs

Professional service for your kitchen and laundry plumbing drain problems and clogs.

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If your kitchen sink or garbage disposal backs up, it can be a real inconvenience. This type of clog is frequently due to food or foreign objects in the drain, making the harsh chemicals ineffective. Call us to get it fixed fast!

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When your dishwasher drains slowly or has a clog, the same food that has been washed from the dishes will be sprayed back onto them, leaving them dirty (sometimes dirtier than when they went in). We clear your clogged dishwasher fast so that you can get back to it.

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A slow or clogged drain in your laundry room or clothes washing machine can cause your clothes to still be wet after the spin cycle or even prevent the spin from completing with balance issues. We clear your laundry drain fast so that you can complete your wash.

Sewer Line and Septic Tank Services

Sewer pipe and main drain problems, roots infiltrating, and septic tank locating

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All drains working slowly or severe backup? It’s time to call Savings to have your pipes cleaned. Ask about scheduled maintenance to keep things flowing properly and avoid backups.

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We can handle the toughest jobs and get your pipes back into shape. Regular maintenance helps prevent sewer back-ups and keep your drains flowing.

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Locating service for septic tanks and drain lines in preparation for septic tank draining and service.

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Don’t wait for backups to make a mess or cause serious plumbing problems.

Call Savings to get an annual maintenance drain cleaning.

Our Client Reviews

“These guys were AMAZING! At my door in about a half hour and drains were flowing within an hour of my call. Reasonably priced and very professional and courteous. Will definately use them again and recommend them to everyone I know! Thank you so much!”

Tammy Kula

“Wonderful experience. Called with a clogged basement drain, they came within a couple of hours, arrived early. Would highly recommend and definitely will call again. Thank you!!!”

Melissa Whalen

“I’ve dealt with a number of plumbing companies throughout Erie County, Savings Sewer and Drain is by far the most professional and affordable. They showed up to my house in less than an hour and took care of the clogged drain I had in no time. Highly recommended!”

Corey Sayles
“Great service. Showed up fast and got the job done. Will definitely call again.”

“Savings Sewer and Drain cleaned my basement drain. The drain in my basement kept backing up. I called and had someone at my house the same day. They are cheaper than anyone else I called. Service was great! I will call Savings Sewer and Drain again.”

Amanda H
“Every year the tree roots cause my basement to back up and when I called Savings Sewer and Drain they came that same night. They were cheaper than the other companies I’ve used and I will definitely call them again.”
Jodi DeHaas